Our home is our base. 

Our mission is to create spaces that look & feel great and make the process easy.  

furnishings & Personalized services that save time and enhance quality of life. 

We realize shopping (online or in stores), for home furnishings, is time consuming, overwhelming and not an effective means of furnishing a  home that reflects a more personalized lifestyle. 

Hiring an interior designer is too expensive and unattainable for the majority.

So it’s become the norm for most people to live in uninspiring, mediocre, “cookie cutter” or “mismatched”, and partially furnished homes.   

There is an easier way.

By effectively utilizing technology Interior Guild’s brands are able to deliver a highly personalized & convenient “assisted” design, furniture shopping & delivery experience online. 

With a curated collection of furnishings from over 50 manufacturers at 3 different price points  its accessible to just about anyone

Clients receive designer-picked, furniture bundles, based on their floor plan, design style, budget and lifestyle needs all in one delivery/installation.



When it comes to decorating & design, Johanna has been a source of inspiration for friends and family for as long as she can remember. The driving force of Johanna’s creativity is an innate desire for harmony & balance in the home. 

Her passion for business & collaborations with interior designers over the years has lead to many successful businesses in the home furnishings industry. She is always on the look-out for great business opportunities and people.

 "I have been in the home furnishings, home staging & design industry for over a decade with retail stores in San Francisco, Oakland and New York City. The secret to my success is understanding our customers. Communicating the look they desire is not always easy for them so it’s important to provide them with tools and visual language to help them define and achieve their desired look. " Says Meise.

By constantly innovating, keeping abreast of the latest trends and embracing technology, she's been able to better serve our customers in a more streamlined, effective digital manner and thus Interior Guild and its online brands were born.

To learn more about Interior Guilds brands visit their sites, www.bloom-a-room.com, www.metro66.com and www.via-staging.com


 Johanna Meise-ceo/founder

Johanna Meise-ceo/founder

When you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.