Make your space look larger

 A single well-placed mirror has the power to make a small room seem larger.A large mirror makes a room look larger because it creates an illusion of depth. It tricks the eye into thinking there is more space than there really is. The optical illusion occurs as the mirror reflects light and color across the room. Using a large mirror to make a room look larger is a useful interior decorating technique. It is effective to use a large mirror combined with as much indoor and outdoor lighting as possible to open up a small room.

What Does Your Apartment Say About You?


Here’s the best way to determine if you’re due for a modern design overhaul – ask yourself, “What does my apartment say about me?” The best way to get an objective opinion is to ask a friend or neighbor. If you aren’t ready for a harsh wake up call, step outside and take three deep breaths. Open the door and list the first things that come to mind. If dirty, dingy, or “I hate hand-me-downs” spring into your consciousness, it’s time to take control of the situation.


Design by Metro 66

Your apartment should be an authentic expression of who you are and the life you lead. These tips can help you do that.

  1. You aren’t necessarily black and chrome. Black and chrome furnishings are not the end-all-be-all of bachelor design. There are plenty of ways to infuse lighter colors or bold ones, while still maintaining a masculine design.
  2. Your couch is your best friend. Where do you spend the most time when you’re home? Where do guests spend the most time when visiting? The answer is likely “the couch.” Invest in one that’s attractive, but also comfortable and easy to clean. Modular sectionals are a good investment because they can be rearranged for any future living space.
  3. Embrace your passions. Do you enjoy painting in your spare time? Perhaps you like to make sculpture out of any spare materials you have. Whatever the case may be, don’t hide it in a box or closet! Find ways to incorporate them into your design. As long as it’s done thoughtfully, it will enhance – not hinder – your aesthetic.
  4. Home vs. Arcade. As interior designer Kerrie Kelly points out, “this is a home, not an arcade.” Pick one item, foosball, air hockey, or pool table, and let that be the interactive focal point.

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